Sporting Clays simulate hunting better than any other sport shooting activity!

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National Sporting Clays Association - NSCA is the largest Sporting Clays association in the world and the governing body for the sport in the U.S.


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The Shooting Range

tall tower

Cherry Oak Gun Club has 30 different target, or trap, machines. All of them are wireless remote contolled and are battery powered with the assistance of solar power. We have NO fixed shooting stations. Therefore, our members and guests can position themselves to optimize their shooting experience and enable them to achieve their improvement goals. Cherry Oak Gun Club is the ONLY gun club in the greater Memphis region to boast a 120 FOOT TALL tower with a four trap moving mount. Cherry Oak Gun Club also has a 50 foot tall tower which enables our shooters to practice shots they frequently encounter in the field.

Our Cherry Oak Gun Club range has targets which simulate rabbits and, of course, a wide variety of game birds and waterfowl. Our wobble traps really mix-up the bird flight throws so the shooter has to react as if he/she were in the field!

clay targets

At Cherry Oak Gun Club, we ALWAYS THINK SAFETY FIRST! Shooting glasses and ear protection are a must. Mike Evans, our manager and resident-expert shooting instructor, helps everyone remember to always practice gun safety.