Sporting Clays simulate hunting better than any other sport shooting activity!

Click the link below to see some great digital photos of our clubhouse and of various shooting venues on our range!

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National Sporting Clays Association - NSCA is the largest Sporting Clays association in the world and the governing body for the sport in the U.S.


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"If you enjoy shooting, you'll love Cherry Oak Gun Club."

Jamie McGehee, Co-Founder

Welcome to Cherry Oak Gun Club. Just 40 minutes from Downtown Memphis, Cherry Oak Gun Club is the region's premier private, shotgun sport shooting club featuring sporting clays.

Our shooting venues are perfect for shooters of all skill levels. Whether you're an accomplished wing shooter, a beginner, or simply someone who wants to hone his or her shotgun shooting accuracy, Cherry Oak Gun Club offers you the best private facilities in the Mid-South.

We change our sporting clay target set-ups every trimester so our members can continually improve their skills in a wide variety of new settings. Plus our 120 foot and 50 foot towers simulate various high bird shots so one can become more proficient with those fun long shots.

One of many things that sets Cherry Oak Gun Club apart from other gun clubs is our clubhouse. Our founders wanted to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for members and their families. Therefore, they built and furnished our clubhouse to ensure our members, their families, and guests experience the comforts of home.

We hope you enjoy this web site, and when it comes to shotgun sport shooting activities, please consider joining Cherry Oak Gun Club.